33 people go "missing" out of one hotel - the biggest mass disappearance in all of American History? Or the biggest hoax?

So by now you've probably heard about this so-called "legend" of The Grand Hotel - otherwise you probably wouldn't be here. I'm here to tell you that these stories about the hotel are a load of crock.

The story says that in the 1950s a hotel opened up on the outskirts of Williamsport, PA. A bunch of people, 32 to be exact, went in on the first night it was open, never to be seen again. Both guests and staff supposedly vanished into thin air, never to be seen again!

None of that is true.

Think about it. Like most urban legends, this one comes out of some small, hick town in the middle of nowhere - this time Pennsylvania. How many people are willing to do the work to look into the story? Or even try and visit the site? Not many. People are lazy by nature and will just assume anything they hear without thinking about the rational explanation.

What probably happened is this: People went into The Grand Hotel on opening night. The worst thing that happened to them? They had a shitty time. That's right, the great disappearance isn't about the hotel devouring their souls, but rather that the hotel was a flop, the guests had an awful time, and from then on guests disappeared, as in no one came back to the hotel because of how crappy it was.

Who would want to vacation in Williamsport, Pennsylvania anyways? The place is in the middle of nowhere! About 3-4 hours from Philly, New York and Pittsburgh. (literally in the middle of nowhere)

But maybe your IQ has tested really low recently and you DO believe that one night, everyone in the hotel vanished without a trace. It still doesn’t mean that it’s true - it’s more of an indication that you need to focus on your education.

Now put your boots on for next big pile of crap...

Decades later- some idiot reopens the hotel as a tourist attraction and another poor soul goes missing.

Fact or Fiction?

You tell me, Einstein.

We do know that, yes - the Grand Hotel was boarded up shortly after the opening- like I said, because the place sucked and the owner ran out of money and couldn’t keep the place open.

And yes - years later, some idiot reopened the place to prey on innocent people and rob them of their money - or for those optimists out there, you might call it Capitalism...

...but there’s no evidence of another person going missing from the reopened “Hotel 32” in the 90's. That story was created as a cover up because some poor, hapless Detective had a stroke and died while interrogating some young punk and they didn’t want to embarrass his family.

This website will explore several plausible reasons why the moronic "legend" of "Hotel 33" could have been created and why people are still talking about it today. I hope this information allows you people to move on and find something better to do with your lives.